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Size: 1.25-1.50 lb

At Ukrainian Smokehouse, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the freshest and most flavorful smoked meats possible. In order to ensure the highest quality and taste, we collect pre-orders and smoke our meats just prior to delivery. This guarantees that you receive our delectable products at their absolute best.

To pre-order our exquisite smoked meats, simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Choose your preferred method of contact. You can reach us through:

    • Instagram: @ua_smk
    • Facebook: @uasmokehouse
    • Online Chat on our website
    • Phone or text message:
        • For Ukrainian/Russian: 424-410-3592
        • For English: 213-332-0084
  2. Browse our selection of mouthwatering smoked products and decide which items you would like to pre-order.

  3. Contact us through your chosen method and provide the following information:

    • Your name
    • Contact information 
    • List of products and quantities you wish to pre-order
  4. We will confirm your pre-order and provide an estimated delivery date once the smoking process is complete.


At Ukrainian Smokehouse, we are committed to delivering our exquisite smoked meats directly to your doorstep with care and efficiency. 

Please review our shipping policy below to ensure a seamless delivery experience:

Delivery Locations:

We ship all-over the USA

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 Enjoy FREE delivery on orders of $149.00 or more


    To place your order and experience the delightful flavors of our carefully crafted smoked meats, simply follow our pre-order instructions and provide your delivery details. Our team at Ukrainian Smokehouse takes pride in providing you with the finest quality products and exceptional customer service.

    Thank you for choosing Ukrainian Smokehouse, and we look forward to bringing the rich culinary traditions of Ukraine straight to your table.

    Indulge in Traditional Ukrainian Delicacy – Salted Salo from Ukrainian Smokehouse

    Welcome to Ukrainian Smokehouse, where we bring you the timeless taste of Ukraine's culinary heritage. Our Salted Salo is a classic Ukrainian delicacy that has been cherished for generations.

    🥓 A Taste of Tradition 🥓

    Our Salted Salo is a flavorful journey into the heart of Ukrainian cuisine. We start with the finest cuts of pork belly, which are carefully seasoned with a blend of traditional spices and generously salted to perfection. This culinary masterpiece is then expertly smoked, allowing the rich, savory flavors to develop.

    🌟 Key Features 🌟

    • Handcrafted Excellence: Each piece of Salted Salo is handcrafted with precision and care by our skilled artisans, ensuring the highest quality.

    • Versatile Delight: Enjoy Salted Salo on its own, thinly sliced and served with freshly baked bread, or use it as a flavor-packed ingredient in a variety of dishes.

    • Authentic Ukrainian Taste: We take pride in preserving the authentic taste of Ukrainian Salo, making it a must-try for connoisseurs of Ukrainian cuisine.

    🍽️ How to Enjoy 🍽️

    Whether you savor it as a standalone snack, add it to sandwiches, or use it in traditional Ukrainian recipes, our Salted Salo is sure to delight your taste buds and transport you to the charming streets of Ukraine.

    At Ukrainian Smokehouse, we are committed to delivering the highest quality and authentic flavors. Treat yourself to the delectable taste of Salted Salo and experience the essence of Ukrainian culinary tradition.

    Discover the savory sensation of Salted Salo from Ukrainian Smokehouse today!